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Prospective WWOOFERs  (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms) please first read through location and travel information before contacting us, to make sure it isn’t beyond your budget. We are in paradise, and far from normal travel routes.


You will be coming on a visitor visa, meaning you are not allowed to work in Tonga . You are not coming here to work--you are coming here to learn to enjoy life, to hopefully learn how to make every moment of your life in harmony with Divine Bliss, one with the Best of Nature.


What we offer is an experience of living in a paradise location, a learning experience of how to make all our duties in life in union with Joy and Peace. You will have the possibility of doing a variety of things, somewhat according to your interests. These include gardening, building, helping set up our library,

relating to the Tongans and assisting with the services we provide for them, and various household activities, including  KP, cooking, and cleaning.
Meals are diverse in many ways. Mary is a vegetarian and Sergai is not. Many options are open to wwoofers, from eating with one of us, to cooking for some or all of us or any combination thereof.Plentiful Polynesian root vegetables are more nutritious than white rice or white flour. Young edible hibiscus leaves make a great salad. Papayas, bananas, and pineapples are readily available. Although you won’t find all the foods you are used to, a variety can be found in the market and food stores in Neiafu.

In your first letter to us please provide us with the following information:

When you would like to be here with us.

Your date, time and place of birth, male or female

Your interests, education, work and/or wwoofer

experience, work preferences, and thoughts about what you want to do in the future.
A photo of yourself.


We are looking for a few long term participants in our projects for people who are very compatible with us. However, short stays are welcome and we hope you leave very happy after a Divine experience.
Photos above of wwoofers Jessi, helping create this web site, and Sara making otai, a favorite drink in Tonga made with fresh coconut milk and watermellon.