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There are two ways to get to Vava’u from the outside world.

1.      By airplane. Airline service is pretty reliable from Nuku’Alofa, the capitol of Tonga (one of the most beautiful one hour flights in the world on a clear day, flying over coral reefs and islands, with areas of turquoise ocean, photo on left). http://www.chathamspacific.com/. In the past there have been occasional flight schedules to Neiafu from other locations such as Samoa or Fiji , but not recently. Air transport to Nuku’Alofa is from New Zealand , Australia , and Hawaii . Neiafu is 15 minutes driving time from the  airport in Vava’u. You can stay at backpacker accommodation or possibly with some of our friends before taking a boat to us.

2.      By boat--either the  once-a-week ferry from Nuku’Alofa, the capitol of Tonga —a  twelve hour trip, for those with a strong constitution;  or by private yacht.

3.      Flying saucers are not yet available for most humans to get to us.


Once you are in Neiafu you will need to take a boat to Ovaka Island, it could be the one pictured at left, waiting for more passengers at the wharf in Neiafu. Usually a village boat comes to the island two times a week on an irregular schedule, but fairly often on a Friday afternoon and Monday morning and leaving the island on Friday morning and Sunday afternoon. We suggest T$10 per trip. Hiring your own boat starts at T$100. Village boats take an hour and 40 minutes to get to the island.

      You may experience some of the wonderful Polynesian singing that at times spontaneously  starts on the boat trips.