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Teachers and healers in attunement with the goals of Starspring will work with groups and individuals—visitors and any interested Tongans—to help attune body, mind, and spirit to the Universal Holy Spirit in our heart. Teachings will include spiritual, psychological, arts, health, nutrition, and agricultural practices. Biofeedback, sound therapy, and other healing modalities will be available, including native medicinal plants, and an introduction to the warm and friendly culture of Tonga. Educational audio, visual, and written materials will be produced, both for use at Starspring center and for wider distribution.

Our future plans include a children’s center to help children develop their talents and become happy and constructive members of society; and a senior center to assist elders to find fulfilling expressions of their golden years. Buildings for conferences and for individual learning will be available to those whose goals are similar to those of Starspring. Photos show our usually peaceful place that we thank God for.