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Photo of friends at left, created in Photoshop, displays our view of reality, a paradise we can create in our lives every day. We like to think of ourselves as trying to assist the Divine Bliss in creating a place where people can learn to be Joyful. The world’s greatest religions speak of the One Great God, full of unconditional Love, radiating Bliss, for which we can become channels, to find our True Selves. We are non denominational, with no affiliation to any organized religion. However, because Tonga is a predominantly Christian country, our wording is in Christian terms. But the Blissful Divine that many people around the world believe created us does not limit itself to Christianity. In the Christian framework Jesus taught that we need to help create His Kingdom on earth, His Paradise, by doing His Will, not our will on earth.

 We understand there is a lot of misunderstanding among Christians as to the meaning of losing ones will to become truly happy. In the Buddhist teachings one is instructed to empty oneself of personal desires and thoughts, and be only a vessel-conduit for the Divine Love to flow to all around us. Recent scientific research and surveys have shown that altruistic people are happier. Some of the latest psychological points of view talk of building the happy personality through altruistic character modification, through attuning to a Divine Good instead of the approach that deals with healing the mentally ill but not building the happy individual. Recent scientific understanding in quantum physics is in resonance with the world’s great spiritual traditions.


If you see an empty cup, it is just an empty cup, with only air in it, or in some cases hot air. But a cup without something to drink in it, not being used for what it is intended to be used for is still only an empty cup—perhaps even a pretty cup, but still empty. However, if one fills it with a good drink it suddenly achieves its reason for being. We are like the empty cups until Divine Love fills us and flows through us to all around us. Then we find our true happiness and our true self. We understand that to a great extent we create our own reality, that a person’s belief systems, hopes and fears, actions and lack of actions—these create their reality and future. We understand that the Divine has set us here to make this world a reflection of the Kingdom of Heaven . Our Starspring mission is to create a paradise community and learning center where people who are in communication with the Divine can come to live and teach, and others can come to learn how to communicate with the Divine.