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Near the Botanical Garden, Starspring plans to create a paradise underwater seascape with beautiful native coral and other marine life, not far from the paradise floral landscape. This will show how beautiful and peaceful the underwater world can be. Sergai, who has a masters degree in art and has done a lot of landscaping, will be the designer.  A small section of reef has already been repaired in this way and there has been a huge increase in the number of fish in the area. It is surrounded by mostly dead coral areas or little diversity due to years of poisons being used on the reef to catch fish. The park will be for adults and children, both residents and tourists, to learn about how beautiful, productive, and beneficial to residents a vibrant, live coral reef ecosystem can be, and to take pleasure in it. 

The park will have numerous benefits for Polynesian village residents, including all financial profits, employment, more fish in surrounding waters, and education on marine life for the children. The park could attract more tourists to Tonga and be an educational destination for school groups.
 This photo and those in drop down arrow next to the  Marine Park tab above were taken in the repaired reef area and proposed Marine Park site.