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Numerous Ovaka villagers who have lived abroad and returned for a visit have told us that the village used to be beautiful and now it is not, with many things in a state of disrepair and garbage lying around. They have told us that many of the most responsible, intelligent, people have left the village. In fact more than half the villagers have left, because they could not continue to make a living here. However, this Ovaka village could now be the most beautiful and the wealthiest in Tonga, if  our economic development projects had been allowed to go through as agreed with the unanimously elected (minus one vote for show) Town Officer (Mayor) Otenili Vaiomo'unga, who passed away in 2006.  There could now be 200 large giant clams (vasuva) supplied to the Tonga markets from the Ovaka vasuva farm every day, a food Tongans love but rarely eat since they are so rare because of over harvesting in the wild. There would now have been a million pa’anga in income to the village from the farm. The problem is that a few criminals have blocked and interfered with all 4 of our major economic development projects, partly to try to divert the income to themselves and their friends. Their list of crimes is extensive and by Tongan law some should have received a mandatory jail sentence for some of their crimes. If these people had been dealt with in a community building manner, encouraging Christian behavior, and corrected for their own good, instead of being allowed to continue committing crimes, the village would right now be far closer to the paradise it could be and very wealthy.

The villagers would no longer be in need of having their relatives abroad send money that many work hard for, having menial jobs. Some of the relatives abroad could have returned to live on the island they love. There would be a resort on the island attracting young people from other countries whom the youth in the village are eager to meet.

So regrettably the beautiful photos in the rest of the website do not show the full reality. Where we would like to show everything wonderful in the village and on the island, honestly we cannot.

A Hollywood movie producer has repeatedly asked us for details of the problems on the island, as he feels that the US and world public would be interested in a movie about how an island and village could be a paradise, partly due to some wonderful people who live in the village and the work of a charitable organization, the President and Director of which he has known for many years as good honest people. But the paradise has not happened because of a few criminal individuals. If the movie is done, we would like to see a wonderful conclusion that shows how the problems were solved and the paradise developed.

We have every expectation that the good people on the island will take control and we can go on working with them to create a wonderful future.

More details to be posted soon.