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We lease a three-acre peninsula, up to ten meters above sea level,, with 20 islands visible in the distance, only two of which are lightly inhabited. We are surrounded by reefs with beautiful coral and colorful fishes and a large area of relaxing, tranquil turquoise colored ocean. After we decided to lease the peninsula, we were surprised to learn it is called Esia, as we have great love for the Essene teachings. The island is an extended amoeba shape a mile long with approximately a mile of beach front divided into seven beaches that are usually deserted. 
There is a small Polynesian village ten minutes walking distance from us with approximately 25 adults and 25 children that grows by 20 more people on weekends.
We are using as much local materials as we can for building. This is more labor intensive, creating work for the villagers who lack adequate sources of money. We use a lot of thatched coconut leaf construction for the walls. We have three houses for sleeping and a large kitchen-dining room already built. The Starspring facilities under development for living and meeting will be interspersed among gardens.

We have solar electric (12V, 24V, 110, and 220V) sufficient to run a freezer (the only one on the island), computers, with satellite internet, and some lights.
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