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To show visitors both in person and on the web how wonderful this world could be-beautiful, pleasantly fragrant. Our botanical garden, already begun, will contain flower, fruit, and vegetable gardens suitable for our soil and climate. Our aim is not only to create a beautiful location in a paradise environment, but also to introduce fruit and other plant varieties that could be appreciated by the Tongan people and grown commercially by them both for local, visitor consumption, and also for export. There are very few fruit varieties available in Tonga. We have been told by Ministry of Agriculture employees that we are the first to successfully grow honeydew melons in Tonga , also strawberries and beets. We are experimenting with different varieties of tomato. We have started from seed the following fruit: 3 strawberry varieties, 2 guava varieties, 1 passion fruit variety (there are 3 in Tonga already), 5 tomato varieties. We have grafted a local variety of mango we have not encountered before, but that is certainly in competition with the best we have had and better than any commercial variety. It is large, sweet, less acidic than most mangos. It has small seed and is even sweet before it is ripe.

We are also planting floral gardens, including introducing flowers that have not been grown in Tonga before. Our fragrant plants include: 2 varieties of gardenia, ylang-ylang, night jasmine, fragrant irises, carnations, lavender, buddleia davida, honey suckle, two passion vines, and the wonderfully fragrant male papaya. We also grow native fragrant plants, siali, maile, red pandanas, puataukanave. Flowering trees include 3 cassia varieties, sesbania Australiensis and plumaria. Floweing bushes include tithonia fructurosa, 4 varieties of caesalpinia, 10 hibiscus varieties. Flowering vines we have include gloriosa lily, clitoria, pink cardinal vine, moon vine, and coral vine. Other flowering plants we have are gerbera daisies, yellow gailardia, Dahlberg daisy, day lilies, fairy lilies, portulaca, zinnia, cleome, miniature roses,  dianthus, sweet william and amaryllis varieties.


FRUIT  We have started to grow two varieties of papaya, two orange varieties, two tangelo varieties, three lime varieties, two pomelo varieties, two mango varieties, rollinia deliciosa, custard apple, lyche, rambutan, egg fruit, sweet tamarind, two varieties of guava, strawberry, pineapples, honeydew melons (better than any store bought honeydew) and six other varieties of melons, 2 varieties of jack fruit, cashew apple, natal plum. There are hundreds of varieties of fruit that could grow in Tonga that do not exist in the country; some are very delicious.


HERBS in our garden: basil, marjoram, oregano, thyme, parsley, chives, rosemary, dill, chili pepper, tumeric and lemon grass.


VEGETABLES that we have grown or are harvesting include carrots, beets, lettuce, Jerusalem artichokes (sweetest we have ever eaten), edible hibiscus (young leaves are great in salads, older leaves cooked), peas, and beans.
Photo above is view from our hill top. Please see more beautiful photos of our gardens in the drop down arrow next to the Botanical Garden tab above.  Regrettably we cannot say that the gardens always look this nice.